Geriatric Dental Group (GDG) began in Portland, Oregon in 1974 as a federally funded pilot project to provide dental services for the elderly and handicapped in institutional settings. When the initial grant was completed the program continued as a private clinic owned by three partners. In the early nineties, the partners agreed to relinquish their ownership of the clinic and convert it into a non-profit organization. In 1991, Special Delivery Dental Care, Inc. doing business as Geriatric Dental Group opened its doors as a non-profit charitable organization. The mission, to provide dental health care that meets the particular needs of homebound patients, and to persons 55 years and older, or wheelchair-bound patients of any age, in a clinical setting. An additional goal in GDG’s mission is to provide education on proper oral health care to the public. GDG provides its patients comprehensive dental treatment for costs at 30-50% lower than the area average and offers long-term, interest-free payment plans, as well as charitable contributions. In addition to our office setting, field teams travel to see patients in long-term care facilities, group and private homes.

Geriatric Dental Group offers its patients comprehensive dental care, including diagnostic, preventive, restorative, oral surgery, endodontic, fixed and removable prosthetics and field (mobile) dentistry. GDG also provides education in proper oral health care maintenance to patients, caregivers and staff at institutional settings. To fit the criteria to be treated in our office a patient must be 55 years of age or older or in need of a wheelchair accessible clinic. Several of GDG’s operatories are designed to comfortably fit an over-sized wheelchair or stretcher so the patient need not transfer. GDG accepts patients of all race, gender, and socioeconomic status. GDG’s field dentistry is offered to patients of any age that are nonambulatory or are unable to cope with the usual office setting. The field teams are able to complete all dental procedures excluding root canals. Field teams also provide oral health maintenance training to care providers on a regular basis. GDG has patients that come from all over the Pacific Northwest. Although the majority comes from the Portland/Vancouver and Puget Sound areas, many travel two to three hours from all directions in Oregon and Washington to seek our services. We even have patients that travel from as far North as Alaska, one man takes the bus up from Northern California and several patients make the drive from Northern Idaho to Federal Way. For many patients, it is more economical to pay the expense of traveling a long distance to Geriatric Dental Group rather than pay their local dentist’s fees.

All offices are lead by a full-time executive director, who reports to a board of volunteer directors. GDG’s staff receives competitive salaries and excellent benefits, including medical insurance, dental care, retirement plan, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, continuing education, quarterly bonuses and paid malpractice insurance for dentists. Employees also enjoy a professional and comfortable working environment. The pride the employees take in the success of the clinic can be seen and felt in the atmosphere throughout the office

All offices are lead by a full-time executive director and dental director.


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